About Bath and area

Bath is a World Heritage City, famed for its beautifully-preserved Roman hot baths, its Georgian architecture, its cultural festivals and its location on the southern edge of the Cotswolds in one of the most attractive areas of England.  It lies within easy reach of London and Bristol, connected by fast train services.

For general tourist information, go to http://visitbath.co.uk/

Another informative web site is http://www.cotswolds.info/places/bath/

map of the area of Bath

map of the centre of Bath


Here is a selection of Jeremy Haslam’s photographs of Bath.

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Bradford on Avon, Wells and Glastonbury

Bradford on Avon, to the east of Bath, is a small town with origins in the Anglo-Saxon period, with a wealth of history and old buildings related to the wool trade in the 17th and 18th centuries.  It is famous for its Saxon church of about 1000AD – one of the best preserved churches of the period in England.  It also has a superb medieval monastic grange farm at Barton Farm, with a well-preserved tithe barn (see photos).

Here are some photos of Bradford by Jeremy Haslam

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Wells is a small cathedral city within easy reach of Bath – a favourite stopping point for excursions with our students, with its medieval houses, bishops palace and moat, and a bustling atmosphere with a fascinating market held every Saturday.

Nearby Glastonbury is famous for its Tor surmounted by the tower of a ruined church set in glorious countryside (see photographs), and its monastic ruins (it was once the largest monastery in England).  It is the alternative spiritual capital of the west of England, the ancient Avalon, steeped in myths of King Arthur and the Holy Grail.  Take a walk down its High Street to see Its weird and wonderful shops selling crystals, statues of goblins and fairies, and other dreams.  It has to be seen to be believed . . .

Here are some photographs of Wells cathedral and Glastonbury Tor by Jeremy Haslam –

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